300Tonne Hoist

300Tonne Hoist At Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co Ltd Isle of Bute

Hoist 2018

 300 Tonne Hoist In Action

300 Tonne Hoist In Action

Scottish Salmon Newbuild No.3

Early stages of the third new-build for Scottish Salmon Co Ltd


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Marnock was named after the 6th century saint who had a religious settlement on the tiny island of Inchmarnock, next to Bute. Commissioned by Sir Robert Smith, the present day owner of the island, experienced naval architects Andrew Cummins Design Associates were brought in and the specification – suitable for shallow sandy beaches, easy to maintain, economical to run and affordable – was duly approved and work got under way, with one further stipulation : the ferry had to be ready by St Andrew’s Day, 30th November! Marnock was duly launched by Lady Smith on that date – from drawing board to sea trials in just 6 months!

Built in mild steel, Marnock weighs in at 30 tonnes. She has two Cummings diesel engines pulling 120bhp – quite sufficient for the one-and-a-quarter mile journey between Bute and Inchmarnock – and can carry a load of 26 tonnes. Sir Robert Smith is delighted with his new ferry. He said “Marnock was delivered on time and on budget. In business you enter into contracts on a daily basis and very often you are left disappointed, but Ardmaleish really did deliver”

The expression ‘Clyde Built’ has been a by-word for quality workmanship in ship building. Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Company hope that they are contributing to Clydeside’s esteemed building tradition.